Master Thatchers in Berkshire

If you’re looking for a Master Thatcher in Berkshire, then look no further. Simply Thatch’s team of Master Thatchers is ready to assist you with any form of thatching project you have. From re-ridging, repairs and full scale replacements our team is ready to give advice, give you a quote or get started on your project. We can also provide a full thatch moss removal service to keep your thatched roof in pristine condition for many years to come.

Roof Thatching Services in Berkshire

Straw Roof Thatching


If your Berkshire property has a straw thatch roof then we’re more than happy to provide you with the skills and expertise to repair, maintain and replace your roof for you. We’re specialists in straw roof thatching and provide this service throughout the United Kingdom.

Roof Thatchers

Reed Roof Thatching


Keep the rustic charm of your reed thatched roof whilst ensuring your Berkshire property’s roof is fully repaired and functional with the help of our team of master thatchers. Reed roof thatching is a popular technique for properties both new and old. Get in touch with us if this is something you require.

Thatch Roof Maintenance


Keep your thatched roof in working order with our thatch roof maintenance service. From patch work damage to re-ridging, we can fix any issues your thatch roof has. We also provide thatch moss removal to keep your thatched roof clean and free from moss which can cause damage in the long run.


Thatch Maintenance

Historic Building Restoration

Whatever grade your property is listed as, we have the knowledge and experience to meet all the regulations for thatched roofs on historically important properties. We’ve worked with many listed buildings over the years, so you can be assured you will be getting a high quality and professional service.

About Simply Thatch

Simply Thatch is a family owned and operated business with our very own set of Master Thatchers with over two decades of experience working in roof thatching, repairs and historical renovations.

If you’re looking to get a thatched roof installed or replaced on your Berkshire property then we’re ready to provide you with a quote. Or are you looking to fix damage to your straw thatched roof? Or get your reed thatch roof re-ridged? Whatever the job we have the experience and knowledge to fix your roof.

Why Choose Simply Thatch?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to assess and implement just about any thatching project. From thatched animal designs, to re-ridging and full on thatched roof replacements we are able to handle any thatching project in Berkshire or the rest of the UK. With clients and customers over the whole of the UK we aren’t just dealing with local properties in Berkshire. We’re sought out by people from all over the UK as we’re recognised as being some of the best master thatchers that the UK has to offer. So if you want to get a quote about your thatching project then just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to quote for the thatching that you need done.

    Examples of Our Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much to insure a thatched cottage?

    Insurance for thatched roofs can be expensive. To ensure you’re getting a proper and fair review you need to get a master thatcher in to look at your roof and identify any specific issues that need to be addressed so you can keep your premiums down. 

    How long does a thatched roof last?

    On average thatched roofs last between 15-40 years, making them comparable to any other sort of roof. However, if you’re not regularly maintaining your thatched roof then you’ll likely find that you need to replace your thatched roof a lot sooner. Proper maintenance is key, so make sure you’re getting annual maintenance done. 

    How much does a thatched roof cost?

    Like most trades, the cost of a thatched roof will vary depending on the size of a job. Smaller properties with smaller roofs will be cheaper than larger properties. Whilst getting the initial roof thatching done can be costly ( with Average prices going as high as £30,000), you also need to remember that you need to maintain the roof annually, and prices for this work can very depending on wat needs to be done.

    How long does it take to thatch a roof?

    As long as the weather is good to work in then it’ll take between three to four weeks to complete a thatching project. Poor weather will delay the end of the project though. Smaller jobs like re-ridging and repairs will take less time, but the weather can still play a role in determining the timescale.