How much does a roof survey cost for a thatched roof?

What is a Roof Survey

If you’re looking at identifying any potential issues you might have with your roof then you’ll need to bring in an expert to survey your roof. These sorts of jobs are relatively simple to do, and will often be a way for you to identify issues before they become bigger problems. This is true for every type of roof,  from your standard tiles roofs right the way up tp specialist thatched roofs that exist on certain types of properties.


Roof Surveys are designed to provide you with invaluable information on the current condition of your roof, allowing you to identify small niggling issues with the roof so they can be fixed before they become bigger jobs that will take longer to fix and cost more money. 

What Does An Average Roof Survey Cost

The costs of getting a roof survey completed will vary depending on the size of the property, and how expensive your workman is. According to Checkatrade the average cost for a roof survey is around £250.  

What Goes Into a Roof Survey

Roof Surveys will look at a lot of different areas, but the four things every roof survey will tend to look for are:

1) Airflow & Ventilation

2) Moss and Lichen growth

3) Physical Damage

4) Water Resistance

What About For a Thatched Roof?

As thatched roofs are a specialist type of roof you won’t be able to bring in just any old builder to survey your roof. You’ll need to find a Master Thatcher who will be able to properly assess and review the state of your thatched roof.


With you needing to bring in a specialist master thatcher to assess and survey your roof this will often come with a higher price tag compared to a regular roof survey. Costs can vary though, so it’s important to make sure you work with a reputable and respected master thatchers so you know that the work is high quality and worth the price tag that’s attached to it.


If you have a thatched roof, it’s important to not let the higher price tag of a survey put you off getting them done. Not only are they usually required for insurance purposes, but without regular surveys your thatched roof won’t be able to maintain it’s condition properly. This results in you having to spend more money re-thatching your entire roof than you would have spent surveying the roof and fixing any issues that arose.

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