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Long Straw Thatching Services

Our master thatchers are able to work with every possible material that a thatched roof is made of, which is why we’re proud to be able to offer a complete range of long straw thatching services that will keep your long straw thatched roof looking good whilst helping it to last longer. 

As long straw is often used on older historical thatched roofs, additional issues need to be taken into consideration when thatching a long straw roof. One of the most common is that if the building is listed, and needs to be treated as a historical property, then it is not allowed to change the thatch type to another form. This means long straw thatching jobs are seen as trickier to do and many thatchers won’t touch them. thatch. Luckily, we have plenty of experience working in both historical restoration and working with long straw thatched roofs and are happy to bring our expertise to bear on your 

Our Long Straw Thatching Services

As long straw thatching is a historical technique, it’s often used for listed historical properties where a like for like replacement is needed. We’re proud to be able to meet all historical preservation requirements with our long straw thatching services, as we have invested time and energy in making sure our thatchers are able to handle every sort of thatch material.

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Long Straw Thatch Maintenance

At Simply Thatch, we offer a complete straw roof thatching service. Straw roof thatches have long been a traditional feature of rural British constructions, owing to the abundance of the material. Dating back to the Bronze Age in Britain, straw roofs have a shaggy and picturesque appearance. As well as being attractive and enduringly popular, straw roofs have a number of advantages.

Historical Renovation

The shorter lifespan of long straw thatch means that most properties that use it are listed properties of historical importance, and because historical guidelines require a like-for-like replacement of materials, they’re often stuck with using long straw. Luckily, our team of master thatchers are experts at working on listed buildings, meaning we can handle your long straw thatch roof project. 

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Why Choose Simply Thatch

We have over 20 years of experience working with thatched roofs across the entirety of the UK. We’re trusted by property owners all over the country, not just in one region, which goes to show how much our customer base appreciate the skill, knowledge and quality of work we bring to the table. If you’d like to talk to us about your thatched roof then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Our Case Studies

The Old Granary

Here at Simply Thatch Ltd we take great pride in our work. From the first time we come out to see your thatched property, we

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Why Choose to Work with Simply Thatch?

Our Master Thatchers are ready, willing, and able to advise and provide quotations on how to renovate and repair your thatched roof.

With over two decades worth of experience, we’ve been brought in to work on properties across the UK, making us one of the most trusted Master Thatchers around. Check out our Google Review and you’ll see a host of happy customers who are more than satisfied with our work. 

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for one of our master thatchers to come over and assess your thatched roof and give you a quote!