Bedford Roof Thatchers

Looking for a master thatcher in Bedford? Simply Thatch are one of the most trusted Master Thatchers in the UK. We’re able to completely re-thatch your roof, whether it’s made of straw or reeds. Our full range of roof thatching services includes historical renovations and thatched roof re-ridging, allowing you to maintain your Bedford property’s thatched roof. 

Roof Thatching Services Offered in Bedford

Straw Roof Thatching

Working on property all over the UK has given our Master Thatchers the experience needed to deliver straw thatched roofs that are sustainable, attractive, and last.

Reed Roof Thatching

Make sure your reed thatch roof is up to scratch with our complete range of reed thatch services. From maintenance, to complete re-thatching, we’ve got the skills and the experience to fix your reed thatch roof.

Thatch Roof Maintenance


Keep your thatched roof secure and maintained with our thatched roof maintenance services. Whether it’s sectional damage, or just re-ridging that’s needed our expert master thatchers have got you covered.


Historic Building Restoration

Looking to renovate the thatched roof on your Grade 1, II or II* listed building? Our master thatchers are available to help ensure your thatched roof meets all the regulatory requirements that come with a listed property.

About Simply Thatch

As family run business, we’ve spent the last 20 years working to become one of the most respected team of Master Thatchers in the UK.

Whether we’re working on complete re-thatching of roofs, repair work, re-ridging or full on historical renovations we’ve spent decades providing a high quality service that will deliver a thatched roof that will stand the tests of time.

Whatever form of work you’re looking for, we’ll be able to make sure your thatching project goes off without a hitch. From re-ridging your bedford property, right the way to installing a new straw or reed thatched roof we can provide you with a competitive quote for the work and handle every part of the project for you, reducing the stress you need to deal with.

Why Choose Simply Thatch?

Our Master Thatchers are ready, willing and able to advise and provide quotations on how you renovate and repair your thatched roof.

With over two decades wroth of experience, we’ve been brought in to work on properties across the UK, making us one of the most trusted Master Thatchers around.

We don’t just work in one area, people from all over the UK seek us out to thatch and repair their roofs. Don’t want to take our word for it? You can check out some of our work here, or you can read the reviews our clients have left us below.

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to quote for the thatching that you need done.

    Examples of Our Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much to insure a thatched cottage?

    Getting insurance for your thatched roof, regardless of wat type of thatched roof it is, can be a costly exercise. That’s why it’s important you get a Master Thatcher to provide an expert view of your thatched roof so that you know the price is fair.

    How long does a thatched roof last?

    With an average lifespan of 15-40 years a thatched roof can be a great way to add a touch of class to a property. However it’s important to remember that regular maintenance will be needed or you’ll end up replacing your thatched roof much sooner than you otherwise would.

    How much does a thatched roof cost?

    Costs for an average thatched roof can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. That’s why it’s essential you work with a trusted and experience Thatcher can provide you evidence of the work they do.

    How long does it take to thatch a roof?

    A team of two thatchers should be able to complete most thatching jobs within a 3 or 4 week period. However,  factors like the size of the project and the weather disrupting the work can drag out the timeframe considerably.