How much will it cost you to re-thatch a roof?

No two thatched properties are alike, which is why we use a variety of factors to determine the cost of re-thatching your roof. 

What customers actually pay for

Since construction cost estimates can be confusing, we’ve broken the process down to illustrate how we will price your re-thatch. The cost of a re-thatch depends on a number of factors. The size of the roof, the length of the ridge, number of key features like windows, chimneys and valleys. Lastly, which material was used to thatch your roof needs to be taken into consideration, whether that’s water reed, combed straw or long straw. To replace or repair a water reed thatched roof, a complete roof strip back (to the timber) is required, whereas long straw roofs only need to be partially stripped. This is why the cost is often material dependent.


After calling a qualified thatcher to redo your roof, they will organise an inspection of your property. It is at this stage that we will determine whether you actually require a new roof, or whether a few simple repairs will suffice. If it turns out that you don’t require a complete re-thatch, that will save you a fair amount of money. However, if a full re-thatch is required, we will write up a fully itemised list of the costs. 


As well as the amount of material needed, the size of your thatched roof will determine the amount of time it takes to re-thatch your roof. Since everything needs to be done by hand, labour costs can be considerable, since re-thatching a roof is a time consuming job. It can take 2-3 thatchers around one month to complete an average roof and cost will depend on your location as well as the complexity of the job. Before purchasing any thatch, we will measure your roof in square metres to calculate costs. If you want double thatch, we will double the measurements as well as add 10%-15% extra to account for overhang.

Length of ridge

The ridge is the decorative top of your thatched roof, and is often an opportunity for an experienced thatched to display their expert craftsmanship and decorative skills. A more decorative ridge will impact your overall costs, and there are considerations you must make when it comes to stripping the eaves and wiring the roof. Please note that your ridge should be replaced every 10-15 years, so it’s important that this part of your thatched roof isn’t neglected.

Reed roof thatching example

Extras to consider:

There is so much to think about when calculating costs. Before you contact an expert thatcher to price your re-thatch, it’s import to consider whether you want the following on your roof:

  • Shape of the roof
  • Design of the roof
  • Ridge design
  • Whether wiring is required
  • What type of flashings
  • Coat thickness to be applied
  • Netting to deter birds and rodents
  • Fire retardant sprays

The only accurate way to determine the costs of your re-thatch is by getting a master thatcher to inspect your property. It’s important that you get your thatching quotations in writing, so that it’s clear what you are being offered and so you can compare easily with other thatching companies so that you can get the best price for the work. It’s important to note that the most expensive quote does not necessarily mean the best thatcher, and the past work of the thatcher should be considered before you hand any money over. However, you often get what you pay for when it comes to thatching, so make sure the company you choose is a reputable one.

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