Master Thatchers in Woking


If you need a skilled Master Thatcher to take care of your thatched roof in Woking or nearby areas, Simply Thatch is the ideal choice for you. Their team of proficient thatchers is highly experienced in working with different types of thatching materials and can manage any project, ranging from routine maintenance to complete roof replacement. Get in touch with one of their Master Thatchers today to evaluate your requirements and obtain a competitive quote. Simply Thatch ensures that your thatched roof is in safe hands and you can trust them with confidence.

Thatching Services in Woking

Straw Roof Thatching

If you want to entrust your property’s thatched roof to a dependable team, Simply Thatch is a perfect choice. Our team has vast experience working with long straw thatching and is capable of managing any project, from regular maintenance to full roof installations. If you live in Woking or the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today for a thorough assessment and a competitive quote

Reed Roof Thatching

If you require reed thatching services in Woking, you can rely on our team’s proficiency. Reed thatching is a prevalent type of thatched roofing that requires extensive expertise, which we have acquired through years of experience. Our services encompass a wide range of needs, including maintenance, ridging, and replacement services, all aimed at delivering outstanding results for your reed thatching project. 

Thatch Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the long-lasting durability of your thatched roof. Our team of experts is here to help you with all your maintenance requirements, including re-ridging and repairing general wear and tear. We provide comprehensive maintenance services that keep your roof in top condition, offering competitive quotes and completing the job with accuracy and efficiency.
Thatch Maintenance

Historic Building Restoration

At Simply Thatch, we recognise the significance of preserving the historical integrity of a property. That’s why we are committed to historical restoration efforts. Our team of experts specialises in working with grade I, II, or II* listed buildings and has an extensive knowledge of the regulations that must be followed for such projects. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that all required updates and repairs are executed while preserving the historical character of their property.

About Simply Thatch

Simply Thatch is a family-owned business with a team of skilled Master Thatchers who provide exceptional thatching services. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a complete thatching service for new installations, repairs, and historical renovations in Woking, Surrey, and the rest of the UK.

Our aim is to minimise the hassle of roof repairs by undertaking the job with expertise and professionalism. Contact Simply Thatch today for dependable and top-quality thatching services.

Why Choose Simply Thatch?

Simply Thatch is a family business with a team of highly skilled Master Thatchers who possess over 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer exceptional services for roof thatching, repairs, and historical renovations to ensure flawless installation or repair of your thatched roof. 

Our team of Master Thatchers can handle any project, whether it’s a new thatched roof for your property in Woking or re-ridging and repairs for an existing straw or reed thatched roof. We provide a fully managed thatching service, from initial consultation to final inspection, ensuring that the job is completed with the utmost level of expertise and professionalism.

We understand that repairing or installing a thatched roof can be stressful, and we aim to ease that burden for you and your family. Our expertise extends beyond Woking, with clients from all over the UK seeking our thatching and repair services.

To view examples of our work, visit our website or read reviews from our satisfied clients. If you would like to request a quotation for our thatching services, simply fill out our online form, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

    Examples of Our Work

    How much to insure a thatched cottage?
    Insurance costs for thatched roofs can be high due to the potential fire risk. Regular maintenance and re-ridging can help reduce the risk of damage and fire, which may lower insurance costs. However, it's important to note that insurance costs can also depend on other factors, such as the location of the property and the type of thatch used. Seeking advice from a qualified thatching expert can provide guidance on maintenance and reduce the risk of damage, thereby minimising the potential for insurance claims. A thatching expert can also advise on appropriate fire-retardant treatments and other measures that can further mitigate the risk of fire.
    How long does a thatched roof last?
    Thatched roofs require regular maintenance and re-ridging to extend their lifespan, which can range from 15 to 40 years depending on the materials used and upkeep. Failure to properly maintain a thatched roof can lead to premature wear and tear, resulting in higher costs and inconvenience. By entrusting routine inspections and maintenance to a professional thatching service such as Simply Thatch, potential damage can be minimised, and insurance claims reduced, resulting in long-term cost savings.
    How much does a thatched roof cost?
    The cost of installing a thatched roof can depend on various factors, such as the size of the property and the type of thatch used, with water reed being more expensive than straw. The total cost of a complete installation can range up to £30,000. Regular maintenance is vital to prolong the roof's life, as neglect can lead to premature wear and tear, resulting in costly repairs or even replacement. The cost of maintenance can vary depending on the extent of repairs required, and consulting a master thatcher is recommended for an accurate estimate. Investing in maintenance can help avoid unexpected costs and ensure the roof's longevity.
    How long does it take to thatch a roof?

    Thatched roof installation is a time-consuming process that can take several weeks, especially for larger projects. However, various factors can impact the timeline, including weather conditions. It is essential to schedule the installation during the summer months when weather is more stable, minimising potential disruptions. Heavy rain, snow, or high winds should also be considered, as they can cause significant delays or even halt the thatching process.

    Working with a reputable and experienced thatching company like Simply Thatch is essential for managing the process and ensuring timely completion. They can also provide updates and communicate potential delays resulting from unforeseen circumstances, including weather conditions. With their expertise, they can help minimise disruptions and ensure that the thatched roof is installed to the highest standards

    Do you provide free quotes?

    Yes, we offer free quotes for all our services. If you're interested in having your thatched roof repaired or replaced, please contact us, and we will provide you with a quote for the job.

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